GOT7: Rain, BAMBAM thanks his “hyung”

BAMBAM thanks his “hyung” for having changed his life.
Rain & BAMBAM GOT7 – Sources: «Hidden Singer»

It was during the program “Hidden Singer 6” broadcast on September 4th, 2020 on the South Korean channel JTBC that BAMBAM, member of the South Korean group GOT7 thanked his elder singer and actor Rain.

The famous idol and actor Rain, a true icon in the world of kpop in South Korea, participated in the sixth season of the South Korean show “Hidden Singer” during which the artist was able to communicate with many many other artists who confided in various subjects.

Rain said he debuted in a boy group when he debuted but didn’t have a good first memory of it calling it “terrible”.

« I thought it was the last chance of my life so I danced for three whole hours. »


BAMBAM then spoke up and revealed that Rain is a singer who changed his life, thanking the idol for teaching him so much. A statement that moved his “hyung” and surprised the hosts and guests. An unexpected statement that brought the two idols together.

« Rain is a singer who changed my life. When we debuted President Park Jin Young told us, “Your hard work is nothing compared to Jihoon’s (Rain) hard work.. »


Journalist: Kass Translator: Shawn Sources: News NAVER

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