Monday, December 4, 2023

SHIN MINAH: Saved from the waters

The battle between singer SHIN MINAH and ILUV continues. Meanwhile, SHIN MINAH was rescued after attempting to kill herself.


According to Newsis on September 9th, a report was received at 12:17 pm as a woman looked down the river on the railing of the Seongsan Bridge in Mapo-gu, Seoul. It was confirmed that firefighters had been dispatched to rescue the woman and handed her over to police at 12:30 pm. The woman was then handed over to her guardian.

The woman is known to be a former member of the girl group.A” claimed that she had been bullied by other members during her group activities in the past, and “A” is said to be SHIN MINAH of ILUV.

SHIN MINAH posted an article and posted it on Instagram, saying, “Please stop posting malicious comments. It’s difficult,” like a cry for help.

Earlier today, SHIN MINAH said, “What I think must be now. I just want to disappear“, referring to this extreme choice. About five hours later, SHIN MINAH said, “I won’t do this again. I’m sorry I worried you,”.

I will never think of anything wrong again.

Thank you very much to those who saved me today and to those who denounced me,” she added.

SHIN MINAH recently revealed that she had been bullied by members during her activities with “ILUV” and that she was engaged in a battle against her agency and former members. On top of that, she recently surprised everyone by saying that he had lost up to 35 pounds due to stress, and claimed that she had been sued by her agency through a media outlet.

A case that is not yet finished.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS SHIN MINAH / Newsis

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