BTOB : Warning ! LEE MIN HYUK is coming back

Enlisted since early 2019, LEE MIN HYUK is finally coming back.


While half of the members of the KPOP band BTOB debuted their military service this year and are going to serve for a while, (LIM HYUN SIK, YOOK SUNG JAE & JUNG IL HOON), a new member is going to be discharged tomorrow.

LEE MIN HYUK, rapper and vocalist of the band, will finally come back from his military servicec (officially) tomorrow. He was in holidays with no return to the base since September 2nd.

The BTOB Official Youtube channel has already prepared the link for the comeback live that will happen in 15 hours.

With 3 members currently serving (YOOK SUNG JAE, LIM HYUN SIK & JUNG IL HOON), the KPOP band BTOB is still successful and keep gaining more and more fans.

SEO EUN KWANG, leader and eldest member, was the first to comeback from his military service, followed by LEE CHANG SUB and, tomorrow, LEE MIN HYUK. PENIEL, who is an american citizen, is exempted of the Korean military duty.

Here’s a little sum up of the military status in BTOB :

√ SEO EUN KWANG : enlisted on 2018 August, 21st, discharged on 2020 April, 7th
√ LEE CHANG SUB : enlisted on 2019 January, 19th, unofficially discharged on July 29th – officially discharged on August 21st 2020
√ LEE MIN HYUK : enlisted on 2019 February, 7th, unofficially discharged on September 2nd, to be officially discharged on 2020 September, 12th
LIM HYUN SIK : enlisted on 2020 May, 11th, to be discharged in 2021 November, 14th
YOOK SUNG JAE : enlisted on 2020 May, 11th, to be discharged in 2021 November, 14th
JUNG IL HOON : enlisted on 2020 May, 28th, to be discharged in 2022 February, 27th
PENIEL : is an american citizen, has no military duty.

The members LIM HYUN SIK and YOOK SUNG JAE will be discharged in November 2021 while JUNG IL HOON will be discharged in February 2022. The band will be reunited to celebrate their 10th year stage anniversary, with their fans, in 2022.

Journaliste : Natacha
Photo : HUTAZONE (LEE MIN HYUK Solo album)
Source : BTOB SNS



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