ATEEZ : A group shooting for ARENA KOREA magazine

ATEEZ eight members show their sophisticated side in a shooting for ARENA KOREA magazine.


Five photos revealed by ATEEZ on their SNS accounts attracted people’s attention thanks to the members’ powerful visuals.

In the group photo, a serious atmosphere is created by sophisticated dark and grey clothes which highlight each of the members own charms. Moreover, they all look straight at the camera with piercing eyes which seem to attract us.

For the duet photos, each of them has a different style to differenciate the members from another pair. First of all, HONGJOONG and SEONGHWA‘s outfits composed of leather and colorful clothes emphasize their mature and cool side, while YUNHO and WOOYOUNG‘s warm colored clothes highlight their bright character. JONGHO and SAN are wearing black only clothes and have the same hair cut to emphasize their great facial features and piercing gaze. Finaly, YEOSANG and MINGI put on a bad guy’s concept which contrasts with their kind and goofy side. You can check the members’ duet photos under.

As a reminder, ATEEZ just ended their promotions for mini album “ZERO : FEVER Part.01” with two title songs entiled “THANXX” and “INCEPTION”.

Journalist : Solène
Translator : Solène
Source : SNS ATEEZ

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