SUPERM: A collaboration with MARVEL

The group who made its comeback today with its first full album “SUPER ONE” also collaborates with the big brand MARVEL for new goodies.


Today, SM ENTERTAINMENT has made available for pre-order new goodies bearing the image of SUPERM and with designs specific to the MARVEL universe. The members were drawn like super heroes to decorate the group’s new goodies.

Fans will then have the choice between various things such as t-shirts, sets of photocards, key rings, bags or caps. The goodies are separated into three sets “Logo”, “Comic” and “Cartoon” but it is possible to order a specific goodie.

You can also pre-order one of these goodies on the website of the agency itself  (, prices varying between 13 euros and 110 euros for the complete sets, the latter being accompanied by the digital album “SUPER ONE“.

As a reminder, SUPERM is made up of members coming from different groups from the SM ENTERTAINMENT agency: we find TAEYONG and MARK from the NCT 127 sub-unit, TEN and LUCAS from the Chinese group WAYV, KAI and BAEKHYUN from the group EXO and TAEMIN from the group SHINEE. It made its debut in October 2019 with its first mini-album “SUPERM“.

Journalist: Kimi2171
Translator: Shawn

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