Friday, September 29, 2023
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VAV : JACOB and LOU, ready for the Seoul fashion week.

The members LOU and JACOB, announced to be models for the Seoul fashion week.


The announcement was made earlier this day, on the group’s Twitter account (@Vav_Official), with photo teasers of their future cameo on the fashion week’s runway. JACOB and LOU will be parading for the new 2021 collection of BY D BY by SONG BU YOUNG, on October 23rd 2020 at 2pm KST. It will be a new experience for LOU, unlike JACOB who is already accustomed to runways since he made modeling studies and worked as a model in China.

SONG BY YOUNG, is a designer who started his activities back in 2015, who also created outfits for some idols, like THE BOYZ, ATEEZ and SHINee.


They wrote it in their lyrics, and they are going to do it ! VAV are ready to be “walking on the runway” !

You will be able to find the recording of their runway on NAVER TV’s YouTube channel.

Journalist: Solenne
Translator: Solenne
Source: SNS de VAV

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