Monday, December 4, 2023
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DAY6 : YOUNG K tries photography

While a comeback is on the way, without any official date, YOUNG K shares some pictures he took through Europe.


May the fans who couldn’t follow DAY6 during their tour in Europe get some comfort : YOUNG K (aka YOUNG ONE) had it all in mind.

The album GRAVITY, from the band DAY6 (of JYP Entertainment), is part of the collection “THE BOOK OF US“. The album was released on 2019 July 15th and the band went, right after, on a European tour that was very successful.

During this tour, YOUNG K had prepared some surprises for MYDAY, fans of DAY6. Slowly, he posted, on his Youtube channel, several covers that he recorded in different places in Europe. With a total of 16 videos, the fans weren’t expecting any other surprise.

But, DAY6’s official SNS announced, 2 days ago, a photo essay incoming, made by YOUNG ONE. From today on, MYDAY now have the possibility to pre-order a photobook of 188 pages, made by YOUNG K during the European tour of the band.

Journaliste : Natacha
Photo : DAY6 SNS
Source : DAY6 SNS



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