SUPERM: Nominated for the “APAN Popularity Awards” 2020

SUPERM is part of the list of artists nominated for the “APAN Popularity Awards” ceremony for this year 2020.

Affiche pour les APAN Popularity Award 2020

SUPERM, the group that recently made its comeback with its debut full album “SUPER ONE“, will have the opportunity to show off its latest comeback performance at the 2020 APAN Popularity Awards.

The event will be broadcast on November 28th and 29th, and fans will not be able to attend on site, due to measures taken against COVID-19. However, they will be able to attend the ceremony live from their homes, without any problem.

Voting for this ceremony will take place on the “IDOL CHAMP” application, and take place from October 27th until November 17th. The winners of the ceremony will be selected at 100% thanks to the votes of the fans on the application in question.

SUPERM is as a reminder, the group formed by SM ENTERTAINMENT in October 2019 in order to bring together the most “talented” members or in other words the “Aces of K-Pop” found in groups existing in the agency, with the aim of to build one and the same group.

We therefore find a total of seven members who are none other than: BAEKHYUN (being the leader), and KAI from EXO, TAEYONG and MARK from NCT 127, LUCAS and TEN from WAYV, and finally TAEMIN known as an artist solo but above all to be part of the agency’s flagship group: SHINEE.

Journalist: Kimi2171
Translator: Shawn
Source: NAVER

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