GOT7: DEF. successfully wraps up his first-ever photo exhibit.

From October 6th to October 12th, DEF., also known as GOT7 JAYB, held his first photography exhibition.

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Let’s come back to such a special event: here is your opportunity to go behind the scenes and visit the exhibition as if you were there!

On September 30th, the official GOT7 Twitter account announced in a cryptic post an upcoming event hosted by none other than DEF. himself.

A few days later, on October 1st, the official GOT7 Twitter account then released a video teaser of what to expect next: a photo exhibit that would last for 6 days.

Indeed, DEF. invites us to dive into his world, his artistry by allowing us to explore and to see what surrounds him through his eyes.

This exhibit was entitled “ALONE.” and was held from October, 6 to October 12 in the Erolpa Café, Seoul, Seongdong-gu.

It’s been a busy year for DEF., allowing him to grow and nurture his artistry in various fields. Photography has been a life-long hobby of his, one he has always shared with bandmates, fans, and enthusiasts across the world. This DEF. persona seems to be at the very root of what JAEBEOM had in mind when capturing the world around him, even stating:

[regarding the surname DEF.] I think of it as myself. I think it’s a name that I can use to share more honest candid stories of my own.”

This time around, he had the opportunity to showcase his talent as a photographer but also as a storyteller, highlighting bits of life and candid experiences of universal sentiments.

Many of the pictures presented for the week were taken during the ongoing keep spinning world tour with his group GOT7 – as many noticed a picture of DEF. in Germany taken by fellow GOT7 member JINYOUNG.

An OFFLINE video, a series that followed the GOT7 members in their group and solo activities since their last comeback with the “D.Y.E” album,  was also dedicated to DEF.’s exhibition, allowing fans to explore the behind-the-scenes of the event. One could thus see DEF. organizing pictures and the way they would be displayed, making the posters’ design, or filming an explanatory video regarding his intent behind the exhibit.

The video explained the name, theme, and purpose of said art show.

It is his experience of the feeling of loneliness that is at the very root of his desire to hold an exhibit showcasing “photos taken when I (DEF.) was feeling lonely but through a happy lens. […] I hope it would bring inspiration and consolation in your life.”*

The exhibit was born from that realization, everyone can feel alone, lonely and sad, he reckons. It is an ode to facing our feelings, but also a compilation of pictures depicting his own experience and perception of loneliness as an attempt to comfort anyone attending with a similar state of mind.

Fans quickly took over their social media accounts to express their joy and enthusiasm regarding DEF.’s artistic growth; they shared their own artworks and memories of the latter’s path, all under the hashtags  #ProudOfDef, #수고했다_Def, #ALONE and #Def_First_Exhibition, that trended worldwide throughout the week.

Fans, online or the ones attending the event, were not the only ones to support DEF.’s first exhibit, many artists close to him also attended his art exhibition. Members of his ØFFSHORE crew, ROSEINPEACE, JOMALXNE and ROYAL DIVE, but also other figures of the Korean Scene such as WAVYCAKE, DEEPSHOWER or even JEEBANOFF all came to visit the EROLPA café.

Nothing was left to chance: be it in the selection of the photos or in their arrangement. The pictures guide us along a path, on a journey, to listen to a story, which interpretation resides in the eyes of the audience.

The café was filled with photographs and prints all taken in the limbo of loneliness that he found himself in. Photos of the size of paintings are hung on the walls, polaroids and postcards are suspended from the ceiling, other photos are meticulously scattered on the ground, attached to wires passing through the room, or even clipped to window frames. One could see silhouettes, landscapes, and elements of our daily life. A peculiar perception of the world arises from the photographs, leaving it free of interpretation to everyone watching.

Ultimately this exhibit leads us to think, to feel. DEF., through his pictures, wants us to experience deep, raw emotions without fear or shame. Loneliness being as a theme can be linked to various situations that we can imagine through the pictures and quotes. After parting with someone, in a room full of people, alone in the dark, it’s the longing one feels, the sudden emptiness, and how it might affect our perception of the world around us or of our own selves. And that’s this balance he found in a moment of introspection that he is trying to help convey through photographs, this happy feeling of a unique nostalgia and understanding of himself, of the world. It’s this relatable feeling, this warm embrace, this stress-relieving experience that DEF. hopes everyone can find comfort in. It is a proper example of how one’s feelings can be conveyed through artworks that will then morph into each and every one of us as an audience. It is the inspiration, the needed break or distraction one can find in arts. The “ALONE” exhibition is made to make us think, to make us ponder about what we’ve been through and how we’re doing. To learn more about ourselves and the ones surrounding us. It’s made to make us embrace the small things and moments in life, the downsides one can experience and turn it wholeheartedly into a rich experience nonetheless. The visitor is therefore not only a spectator of the exhibit, he is also an active participant thanks to their understanding and perception of the photos.

Congratulations to DEF. for his hard work and growth as an artist. May he be able to hold many more exhibitions of the sort!

We cannot wait to see what DEF. has in store for us!


Journalist: Lilies
Translator: Lilies

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