SPILL TE BEAT: A cozy “Breeze” from summer to Autumn

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Like a sweet souvenir from summer AUTUMN‘s last EP echo on SPILL THE BEAT.

3 months ago, “BREEZE”, the 3rd EP has bloomed on streaming platforms. All 4 titles from it are each one telling a new epiosde of AUTUMN‘s life, by his real name Lee Jae-Min.

(KSTATION TV advice you to play artist’s songs for a better reading experience !)

In his musical production, he says about different life seasons, evolution of feelings and thoughts in a very entertaining musical vibe. Born on August 18 1996, he is producing for several years already. The young adult man started back when he was 19 years old, and got certainly a lot of experiences since then that gives him a very clear musical personality.

At every time in the day, his tracks are perfect to keep focusing at work or for your “end of the day” break.

Currently, AUTUMN has a lot of featuring projects and he wants to finish with all of these projects before heading to a 4th EP production. He also told us that he would like to get more music video productions.

On 15th of October He appears as a featuring artist on the track “Drive” by ZIHYE and on October 20 he appears on POLO‘s M/V “Alright”. This is his very first music video appearance. 

Autumn in POLO’s M/V “Alright”

While interviewing with AUTUMN we could feel the same sweetness that we can hear in his songs.

“I think I record my special daily life or feelings in my music.” – Autumn

He keeps going:

“When I listen to some music, I think of a certain memory or a specific place. So when I make music, I want to express the feelings, conditions, or emotion of the day as freely as possible.” – Autumn

The artist explains to us that he uses music, beyond the expression of his feelings, as a means of remembering a life event. As we remember the faces that accompanied us during our life by a picture, Autumn makes an atmosphere that allows him to travel mentally in a deep memory.

You can support AUTUMN in his future projects, he is very active an his carrier promising ! You can listen from now on on his 3 EP and his singles or collaborations on all musical streaming apps !

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Journalist : Waterice

Translator : Waterice

Source : Autumn, Autumn’s SNS

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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