BTOB / BTOB4U : first picture and release date revealed

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A release date has been revealed for the first album of BTOB’s second subunit : BTOB4U.


On October 27th, the members SEO EUNKWANG, LEE MINHYUK, LEE CHANGSUB & SHIN PENIEL, from the KPOP band BTOB, were announcing, during a live on NAVER NOW, that they were now being the second subunit of the band that they called BTOB4U (비투비포유).

The name, they chose together gathering their fan’s propositions, means  “BTOB FOR YOU” (For Melody) and BTOB 4 as they are 4 members (the other members are currently serving).

While the official announcement was on October 27th, fans could actually discover that CUBE ENTERTAINMENT had filed the name since October 23rd.

Even since those announcements already wamed up Melody’s heart through the world, BTOB4U has surprised them once again. The date, the title and the very first picture of the first album of BTOB4U just got revealed: it is called “INSIDE” and will be released on November 16th. We can easily guess that the members worked hard since their return from the army.


A temprary leader has been selected randomly : during their live on NAVER NOW, the 4 members spinned a wheel where they wrote all their names to complete the emply slots. The wheel releaved that SHIN PENIEL, Maknae (youngest member) of the band BTOB4U, is, from now on, the leader for 6 months.

The unit BTOB4U was created with the members who yet came back from the army and with SHIN PENIEL who has no military duty.

Military services of BTOB members :
√ SHIN PENIEL : is an american citizen, has no military duty.
√ SEO EUN KWANG : enlisted on 2018 August, 21st, discharged on 2020 April, 7th
√ LEE CHANG SUB : enlisted on 2019 January, 19th, unofficially discharged on July 29th – officially discharged on August 21st 2020
√ LEE MIN HYUK : enlisted on 2019 February, 7th, unofficially discharged on September 2nd, officially discharged on September 12th
LIM HYUN SIK : enlisted on 2020 May, 11th, to be discharged in 2021 November, 14th
YOOK SUNG JAE : enlisted on 2020 May, 11th, to be discharged in 2021 November, 14th
JUNG IL HOON : enlisted on 2020 May, 28th, to be discharged in 2022 February, 27th

The band BTOB, from CUBE ENTERTAINMENT, debuted on 2012 with the song “Born to beat“. The first subunit is called BTOB BLUE (비투비 블루) and is composed by the members SEO EUNKWANG, LEE CHANGSUB, IM HYUNSIK & YOOK SUNGJAE, who are the vocalists of the band. It debuted on 2016 September with the song “Stand by me“. 

Journalist : Natacha
Translation : Natacha
Source : BTOB SNS

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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