Friday, December 1, 2023
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LOUD: Round: The creation of 2 groups of boys

PSY is partnering with SBS’s “LOUD: Roud” audition program.

According to SBS on November 2nd, JYP Entertainment’s PARK JIN YOUNG and P.NATION‘s PSY will be participating in “LOUD: Roud” to create a global boy group.

PARK JIN YOUNG and PSY, the heads of each company, plan to create two groups of next generation boys who will represent each company. The “K-pop Star” production team met the duo PARK JIN YOUNG and PSY.


The show will be conducted from a different angle than previous auditions of the boy groups. Unlike those already made mostly by interns owned by companies, “LOUD: Roud” is open to any teenager around the world who dreams of becoming an artist and being part of a boy group. We seek to discover participants with artistic talents in a variety of fields, including songwriting, composition, musical instruments, arrangement, art, and dance and song.

JYP Entertainment, directed by PARK JIN YOUNG has produced numerous stars like 2PM, GOT7, DAY6, TWICE, STRAY KIDS and ITZY. PARK JIN YOUNG has been active as a producer and singer for 27 years since his debut.

PSY is an artist who not only leads the limelight with the addition of famous artists such as JESSI, HYUNAH, CRUSH, HEIZE and DAWN, but has also topped the Billboard single Hot 100 charts for seven consecutive weeks with his worldwide success “Gangnam Style,” and topped 3.8 billion views on the music video on YouTube.

LOUD: Roud”, created by the two producers, will begin recruiting candidates from today. If the nominees are selected on the show as part of the program, they will debut in the second half of 2021 with support from JYP Entertainment and P.NATION and will be active worldwide.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator : Shawn
Source: SBS

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