Thursday, November 30, 2023
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B.I.G : Newsletter of the week

Afraid to have missed something about B.I.G this week ? Here’s a little summary.


B.I.G is a group under the GH entertainment, they made their debut in 2014 with the song “Hello”.
B.I.G have stood out thanks to their covers of arabic songs since 2019 but the group also covered some other foreigner songs as the japanese song “Lemon”. GUNMIN and HEEDO also participated to the cover of the song “Con Calma” made by the group 3YE. Also now, GUNMIN is a member pf the japanese-korean group, NIK, from the program, G-EGG.

Monday, November 2nd

MINPYO posted a TIKTOK video in which, GUNMIN and him are dancing on the song “FAKERS” by SHuN BOX and ASHLEY.


건민이랑 #gunmin #추천 #fyp #foryou

♬ FAKERS feat. Ashley(Teaser Ver.) – SHuN-BOX💛🌎

Tuesday, November 3rd

GUNMIN posted on his Instagram account some photos tooks by JINSEOK in a coffee shop.

Wednesday, November 4th

JINSEOK posted on Instagram a selfie with J-HOON, a first time for B.I.G‘s fans, who were able to see the maknae and the leader pose together for the first time since JINSEOK joined the group. J-HOON learned popping to JINSEOK, it was the first time to the maknae to try this kind of dance.

JINSEOK posted the result of his popping learning on his TIKTOK account.


with제이훈😆 #BIG #비아이지 #JINSEOK #진석 #틱톡 #제이훈 #JHOON #Poppin #Dance #daily #ticktock #fyp #foryou #추천

♬ EDM – Gerard Requena

Also, J-HOON posted on his Instagram a selfie, a first time since his return from military.

MINPYO also posted a video on his TIKTOK.


Friday, November 6th

MINPYO went to a coffee shop, draw on his mug and made it a TIKTOK.


#괴석도 #학 #그림 #drawing #컵 #cup #이디야 #ediya #ediyacoffee #추천 #fyp #foryou

♬ Goblin – Ahn Ye Eun

He also posted the final rendering of his art on Intagram.

Saturday, November 7th

The NIK‘s member, and LUCENTE‘s member, PARK HA, posted a photo on his Twitter in which GUNMIN and the others member of NIK appear.

GUNMIN also shared a photo of this meeting with the group on his Instagram account.

On the same day, MINPYO posted a TIKTOK in which he is accompanied by a dancing Pikachu, on the song LoveFool” by TWOCOLORS.


⚡️⚡️⚡️ #포켓몬과함께 #가을시즌 #피카츄 #Pikachu #Pokemon #추천 #fyp #foryou

♬ nhạc nền – S P Λ C Ξ – S P Λ C Ξ

Journalist: Chris
Translator: Chris
Source: B.I.G SNS, NIK SNS

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