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BENJI, the former singer of the group B.I.G, is now pursuing his solo career. If you’re afraid you’ve missed the last news, here is the summary of the week.


BENJI is now an independent artist. He shares a lot with his fans on social media and is building a community growing day by day, especially thanks to Twitch and Youtube.

Monday, November 2nd

BENJI is live on Twich to quickly introduce us to the game Ghostrunner and play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout in order to win the famous crown. He gives up eventually after losing too many times and ends up playing Valorant. During the live, JAE from DAY6 subscribes to his channel and stays for a while to interact with BENJI and with the fans in the chat.


Tuesday, November 3rd

BENJI streams the game We Were Here on Twitch.


Wednesday, November 4th

BENJI is live on Instagram. He accepts requests from two fans to join him on the live, just like what he did on his previous Instagram live. Unfortunately, he doesn’t save the live this time.

Thursday, November 5th

BENJI is live on Twitch to cover songs requested by the fans on his violin, only by ears, without practicing in advance, as he did in his previous live. BENJI started the violin when he was 4. During the live, he covers songs from MONÉ, a temporary group created on the show Superbad along with WOOSUNG from THE ROSE, ZAIRO, HONG ISAAC, and HWANG MINJAE.

Later that day, he announces on Instagram and Twitter that he would hold a fan meeting.

The fan meeting will be held in Star’s restaurant on December 12th. During the fan meeting, BENJI will show an exclusive performance, he will also cook for his fans and will take time to talk with them during the lunch or the diner, according to the chosen reservation. BENJI also thought about the fans overseas since they will be able to watch the concert and the fan meeting online. You can already buy your tickets on Star-ting’s website.


You can support BENJI by following him on his SNS:
Twitter : @baenjii1
Instagram : @baebenji92
Twitch : @baenjii
Youtube : Baenjii
Naver Cafe : Baenjii Café
Discord : BenSprouts

Journalist: Florence
Translator: Florence
Source: BENJI

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