KMDF: A “Drive in” concert

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A flashback, funny and intelligent.

On October 31st, Arirang TV and the Korea Management Federation performed a live concert with audiences in South Korea. But originality was there.

Indeed, in South Korea as everywhere in the world the COVID19 virus is not yet totally eradicated and we must still be careful, so the idea came to the organizers to return in the 1930s to the USA by performing this concert under form of “Drive in”.

The “Drive in”, created in the 1930s was the combination of cinema and the car to give a boost to these two sectors seriously affected at that time.

KMF and Arirang have therefore decided to create this “Drive in” concert, where everyone can attend the concert while staying in their car which avoids any contact with other people, thus preventing the spread of the virus, but ensuring the festivities.

During this concert you could admire the group performances like (G) I-DLE, AB6IX, NCT U, PENTAGON, DREAMCATCHER, CRAVITY, DRIPPIN, MOMOLAND, 3YE, CIX, ATEEZ, GOLDEN CHILD, ALEXA and many others again.

You can discover the other performances on the Arirang TV channel and see the correctly parked cars that attend this show.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Arirang TV

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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