HYUNA and DAWN : Dressed in yellow for VOGUE

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On November 13, 2020, VOGUE KOREA posted a CF with HYUNA and DAWN in collaboration with the brand BURBERRY.

HYUNA and DAWN wear matching outfits from the BURBERRY brand. They go shopping in couple, DAWN chooses the outfit and accessories for HYUNA.

This CF presents the fall/winter collection of the great brand BURBERRY as well as their new bag.

DAWN made his comeback with a first mini-album « DAWNDIDIDAWN » with the single of the same name in featuring with JESSI.

HYUNA had to come back with the single « Good girl » at the end of August 2020, with a full album later in the year, but due to her health problems, her agency P.NATION decided to postpone her comeback. No date has been announced yet, but her fans are impatiently waiting.

Journalist : Emilie
Translator : Emilie

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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