CNBLUE: A live for today

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Group CNBLUE (Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Jung Shin) will release a live video amid favorable reviews of its new song “Then, now and forever”.


CNBLUE‘s agency FNC Entertainment will be posting a live clip of the band’s new song “Then, now and forever” on CNBLUE‘s official SNS at 6 pm on November 22nd. In a photo posted before the video’s release, CNBLUE has a warm, eye-catching charm against the backdrop of a group setting.

CNBLUE released its eighth mini album “RE-CODE” on November 17th. Thanks to its new album, which they released after three years and eight months, they receive favorable reviews for the calmer colors of their group, thus putting their splendor forward.

JUNG YONG HWA said, “In the past we had to end everything perfectly with a deadline amidst busy schedules, this album took a long time to match us, reset and try new songs while thinking for a long time. on the result ”, expressing affection for the new album, and saying:

That’s why I feel more attached to this album.

In particular, this album is made up of self-composed songs by JUNG YONG HWA and clearly shows CNBLUE‘s more natural life-changing and deep musical sensibility, with the members entering their 30s. The title song “Then, now and forever” is a song that honestly describes the complex feelings of those who go about their daily lives left by the person who left them, and KANG MIN HYUK said, “I heard it for the the first time before the final lyrics came out, and since then the lyrics “We’re in the past, present and future” really touched my heart.

Thanks to this high level of perfection, CNBLUE‘s new song “Then, now and forever” also entered the Melon 24Hits charts, showing its presence that eclipses a long absence, and its new album “RE-CODE” has attracted l attention of music fans at home and abroad, with its release topping the iTunes album charts in 10 regions around the world. In addition, it also placed in the top five in iTunes POP album charts in 15 regions including the United States, Australia and Japan, proving the global popularity of CNBLUE, which made a comeback after three years and eight months.

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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