VICTON: SEUNG WOO and his varied charm

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Group VICTON who made various changes before its comeback with its new song “What I said“, come back with the photos of HAN SEUNG WOO.


PlayM Entertainment has released HAN SEUNG WOO‘s personal photo teasers for VICTON‘s first full album “VOICE: THE FUTUR IS NOW” on the group’s official SNS.

HAN SEUNG WOON is the fourth member to release his photo teasers for VICTON’s full album. As with previous members SEUNG WOO shows us the three versions of his personal photos, “The Future”, “is” and “now”, the two perfectly matched his different styles, drawing attention with his deep eyes and visuals overwhelming in the midst of his colorful transformation.

Previously, VICTON drew enthusiastic responses from fans by expressing a colorful and confident nobleman’s strength, sweet, dreamy charisma through group concept images of the “The Future” and “is” versions, and will unveil content such as the medley and the teaser of the music video after an individual teaser images to raise the mood ahead of the return of the upcoming debut album.

VICTON is making a comeback with its debut full album “VOICE: THE FUTUR IS NOW” after more than six months, on December 1st. The new song “What I said” is a Latin pop dance song that comes for VICTON‘s second act of “The dreamlike reality begin”, and has been enhanced by the participation of talented producers such as Ryan’s Match, Scott Stoddary and Yuha .

VICTON, who released its first album in four years since its debut, is receiving new attention as a “popular group”, breaking its own music record with its sixth mini-album “CONTINUOUS” and second single “Mayday” this year . Attention is focused on the next activity with VICTON‘s full album, which will accelerate its “daring rise” by confirming its third comeback in 2020.

VICTON‘s first full-length album “VOICE: THE FUTUR IS NOW” began preorders on November 13th and will be released on various music sites at 6pm on December 1st.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: PLAYM Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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