WISH YOU: KANG IN SOO and LEE SANG participate in the soundtrack

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The soundtrack for the BL drama “Wish you 위시 유: 나의 마음 속 너의 멜로디 (WISH YOU)” will be released worldwide at 12:00 pm on December 5th, and news of the two lead male characters participating in the drama is attracting attention from fans at home and abroad even before the song’s official release.

Director Baek Eun Woo, Music Director of “WISH YOU“, produced the entire soundtrack, after having directed a number of works, such as the OCN drama “Quiz of god”. As it is a musical drama, the title song “Wish for you” welcomes the participation, in the recording, of the two main characters, KANG IN SOO and LEE SANG, expressing in abundance the emotions of the characters of the drama.

In addition, KANG IN SOO, singer-songwriter of the drama, and LEE SANG, keyboardist, are part of the idol group, drawing high expectations from fans even before the release of the soundtrack.

The title song “Wish for you” is a work created by music director Baek Eun Woo, which contains KANG IN SOO‘s desire for music and his commitment to the future. The subject “너 (You)” can be assimilated to a person, but it is a medium expression which can also be a musical desire and a future, which is emotional but signifies the musical completion of the two persons in accordance with the expression “내 반쪽 (My half)” and therefore also refers to LEE SANG (Yoon Sang Eum).

In addition, composer Oh Byung Joo and RUNY, who have been recognized for their exceptional songwriting skills and high-end vocals in numerous drama soundtracks, feature on the album. RUNY’s “내 사람 이면 좋겠다 (Litt: I wish it was my person)” by RUNY is a ballad that expresses Lee Sang Eun’s heart very well in the room, and the calm melody of the piano and the dismal tone of RUNY reinforce the emotions. and the immersion of the main characters in the drama.

The web drama “WISH YOU“, for which a teaser was previously released in more than 200 countries (Lakuten Viki, Rakuten TV in Japan, Line TV in Taiwan, Idol Romance app only, We TV, IFlix, etc.) benefits from the support from Hallyu fans.

The web drama “WISH YOU” is slated to air simultaneously on December 4th on Idolromance’s home mobile app and global platforms, and the director’s film version will air simultaneously on Netflix early next year, as well as all platforms (applications only IDOLomance, Vicky, Japanese Rakuten TV, Taiwan Line TV and IFlix) on which the web drama was broadcast.

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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