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This week, we won’t introduce any artist, not that we couldn’t find anyone (our list is very long so be ready for a lot of contents), but in this 1st of January 2021, KSTATIONTV, and more precisely Waterice wanted to deliver a message to everyone who read us and toward artists that we could collaborate with on SPILL THE BEAT :

A short introduction:

First of all, a big thank you for everyone who takes some minutes to discover every Friday new artists on SPILL THE BEAT and listen to our podcast that comes every 1st of every month on our Youtube channel. I never imagined that the excitement for SPILL THE BEAT would come so quickly. Especially since article writing or podcast creation are new exercises for me. Passionate about music, I like to look for hours in the slots of Soundcloud artists who have, in addition to talent, the desire to succeed in a musical career. Since 2018 I meet and work with independent artists (more commonly called “indies”). Their passion and desire to succeed has always given me the courage to succeed in the projects I undertake. It doesn’t matter if we have the contacts, the material, the time or not. (As our dear ORELSAN (french rapper) says “To say I have no gear or no contact is a victim thing”). So it is with this ambition to give back the energy that artists give me that with KSTATION TV we created SPILL THE BEAT (STB) so that artists do not lose the confidence and the atmosphere that animates them, and that they feel listened to.


“Giving an extra voice to Korean artists”

This is the slogan of the show. Benevolence and non-judgment are the watchwords of STB. Support creation, encourage renewal. On STB and KSTATION TV, we promote mutual help, love, sharing and the link between artists and music fans.

Beyond a simple collaboration for an article, within KSTATION TV we are very important to the artists and companies who welcome us with open arms. Just as D.CLOW participated in RAPSTAR or JOOB A fulfilling his dream of collaborating with CRUCIAL STAR, we do not stop supporting artists in their growing careers.

SPILL THE BEAT ready for big things:

Seeing the artists happy with my work, and the readers interested in the artists presented by STB, made me want to always do more. It is important for me to produce articles and podcast of quality and creative. The podcasts will still be studied to bring more improvement and the articles. (If you have feedback on the articles or on the podcast, you can use the comment area to give us your feedback, obviously kindly:))

Special thanks:

On October 15, 2020, the first SPILL THE BEAT article came out. It was for the new music video and AY-SANG‘s EP release. It is very important for me to thanks him because he trusted me for the first article. It’s always stressful to contact someone who has never had projects or interactions before. But if there is one piece of advice that I can offer to all, it is to always take your chance, enjoy life, and say yes to every opportunities to realize your dreams.

More generally, a big thanks to the artists who, since October 2020, collaborated with KSTATION TV on SPILL THE BEAT:


SPILL THE BEAT, a show written and produced by Waterice (@_waterice / @watericeinspacevibes)

Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: KstationTV

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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