A.C.E. : They were spotlighted for its own Korean color

Boy group A.C.E. was once again spotlighted for its own Korean color.

Recently, “Rolling Stone India”, an Indian music media specializing in music, selected A.C.E.‘s “Favorite boys” as the No. 1 best K-pop music video (20 Best K-pop Music Video of 2020). “A.C.E. offers outstanding visual attractions such as fashion, makeup and choreography through ‘Favorite boys‘,” Rolling Stone India said. Those who draw goblin, gods, and legends as a set of traditional Korean works of art and symbolism are trying to present new interpretations of Korean history and mythology and share Korean culture and traditions with the world.

A.C.E members further highlight A.C.E.‘s presence with makeup, crop top, modern customized hanbok, and traditional clothes, which combine the glitter and bold blending of colorful eye shadows, with relentless attempts against traditional gender stereotypes. It is also recommended to take a closer look at symbolic movements that give a glimpse of Korea’s traditional culture hidden in the “Favorite boys” choreography, which is famous for its fast-paced complex choreography, he added.

A.C.E released “Favorite boys“, which expresses original and Korean style, in September last year, once again captivating the hearts of global fans with its unique powerful performance and unrivaled singing ability. “Favorite boys“, which topped domestic and foreign charts right after its release, showed its solid presence as a K-pop leader by recording the top of the K-pop song of the year, which was conducted on foreign media’s own charts such as Dazed and Paper in December last year.

Journalist: Subaru
Translator: Subaru
Source: Beat Interactive

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