Saturday, December 2, 2023
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BTS: New collaboration with Coca Cola

A new Coca Cola advertisement in Indonesia has not fooled the Armys.

BTS fans weren’t wrong, this is BTS’s way in the new Coca Cola commercial, released in Indonesia. This January 5th the social networks of Coca cola Indonesia publishes the new promotional advertisement for the famous soft drink.

Very quickly many Armys seem to recognize the voices of BTS members in the credits. But how can you be sure? Some of them will isolate the video, remove the soundtrack to leave only the voices.

“@GirlWithLuv24  : I deleted the music (just left the vocal), it’s clearly them”

Even before any confirmation from Coca Cola Indonesia or Big Hit Entertainment the Armys seem confident. Speed and knowledge of their artists down to the “note”.

And, indeed a few moments later, The media will issue a statement confirming that it is indeed the voice of BTS.

Recall that the group BTS didn’t have one at its first collaboration with the cola brand, the group had released cans and small bottles with the effigy of each of the members, these being only available in South Korea.

Did you recognize the voices of the members of BTS?

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Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Coca Cola Indonesia

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