T1419: Unit photos

Group T1419 has started the countdown to its debut.

T1419 – KEVIN, LEO, ON

T1419 consisting of NOA, XIAN, KEVIN, GUNWOO, LEO, ON, ZERO, KAIRI and KIO, will debut on January 11th, with “BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 1. Prior to the announcement, the company released unit photo teasers The limbs attract attention by showing strong individual charms In particular, strong red dots have been added to the chic black colored outfits, adding specificity to the first concept of T1419.


T1419‘s first title track “ASURABALBALTA“, which will debut on January 11th, is a song with trendy sounds and a single track based on HIP-HOP and EDM. “ASURABALBALTA” is an order which means “it will be done as you wish“, expressing the desire that the bright future of the nine members of T1419 unfold in the future.

T1419 – ZERO, KIO, NOA

T1419 is a mega-new boy group that MLD Entertainment, global computer companies NHN and Sony Music will be presenting in partnership, and it’s a project that’s been designed to debut simultaneously in Korea, the United States and the United States, Japan. The agency explained that it consists of nine elite members with various talents, such as vocal, rap, performance, production and language conversation skills as well as visual appearance.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS T1419

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