SPILL THE BEAT: “There is no success alone, with with and thanks to people that we are surrounded by” by SCENTOK and its soft creativity

SPILL THE BEAT is very glad to start this year 2021 with SCENTOK, a hiphop artist with a specific vibe thanks to his purity and simplicity, here is where all of his charms comes from.


(KSTATION TV recommends that you listen to the artist’s songs for a music reading experience !)


Passionate by music production for more than 10 years, JIN YOUNGHUN, keeps producing beautiful lofi-hiphop tracks on musical streaming platforms under his quite perfectly found nickname: SCENTOK. (JIN YOUNGHUN means “The smell of jade”, his stage name is a combination of the English “SCENT” and OK (옥) which means in Korean “Jade”).

Long time ago, his older sister brought him a hiphop music album that catch his interest. This album is GAEKO and CHOIZA’s first album “TAXI DRIVER” (2004) under they group name DYNAMIC DUO. Born in 1992, back then he is 17 years old. Kinda like an evidence, in high school he starts listening to EPIK HIGH, especially the album “REMAPPING THE HUMAN SOUL” from that time he starts writing his own lyrics. Today, 28 years old SCENTOK, has never stopped music.

If he could, he would like to collaborate with artist from LEGIT GOONS. It’s a group made of rappers, producers and beatboxers. SCENTOK does highly respect their work, and multi talented artists who can express their identity.

When comes the question of an eventual role-mode, the same group comes to his mind. Since he would love to be that kind of artist too who can express his own personality and deliver his own convictions.

Time flies and the rapper keep going in his solo productions and since winter 2018 he is a member of the group : CHILLIN VILLAGE. Aside of rappers 42KGB, TAMIZ, BASKY and NAKTA, the group do what they love, together, in a simple and chill mood.

“The story behind our meeting is in our latest release named “다사랑 (All love)” – SCENTOK

“Sadly due to COVID-19 and our personnel matters we haven’t met since a while but we keep in touch and still collaborate together (on more personal tracks)”. – SCENTOK


In his solo productions, and despite being a hiphop artist, SCENTOK does not prefer to talk about money or celebrity but rather about life event. As we hear in his music, we can see the softness and delicacy of the artist in the visuals and photos posted on social networks. Photography being like a second passion of the artist.

Instead (of things like celebrity or money) I prefer to talk about feelings, my determination to live my own life, worry about the future and my dreams. I really want to diversify my texts over time.” – SCENTOK

The song he created and loves the most is “같이” (together) because he made it from a scene of the drama “MY MISTER“. Watching this Korean drama was the way for him to refresh his head when he had difficulties for writing lyrics. He then understood that a little light, an attention when he felt the pressure of loneliness, could make a difference in his life or that of others.

Here is the extract:

“I like that title because it’s the warmest I’ve ever been able to do in my entire life.” – SCENTOK

~ An evolution of dreams for his recent album “공전“:

After these two EP “자전” (2019) and “멈춤” (2020), SCENTOK unveils its album “공전” on December 23, 2020. A production that started almost a year ago.

공전” album by SCENTOK

It is by finishing his EP “자적” that he begins to think of “공전“. In the previous album, the artist sells the merit of hard work and the fulfillment of his dreams even if one is little known in the field.

I was working on my music on my way home from work and I thought: When people have a dream for the first time, they think they’re special and can do anything. But then they realize their disabilities, they find themselves frustrated and have to adapt to the reality of things. I was in this situation, so I wanted to tell the banal story of this banal person in a banal album. […] I became aware of the reality of things and adapted to it.” – SCENTOK

This is how the first steps of the album were elaborated. During the conception of this one, SCENTOK watches the drama “MY MISTER” which deals with a story of which one of the protagonists possesses all that one could dream without necessarily paying attention to it and of its opposition which possesses little but which is precious to him. This drama was released in 2018 and opens the eyes of SCENTOK on the importance of taking into consideration and taking care of the life of others.

I realized that even though I could not reach my dream, and that it was difficult for me to live [without it], I still had to live and that I could not do it alone. Just like the Earth that revolves around the sun and receives its light, I reflected on what we really gain by being here, in our present life. But ultimately this gain doesn’t really come from us but rather from the others who are with me” – SCENTOK

The album has therefore evolved a lot over time and the experiences that followed.

“So the identity of the album has changed since then, and I wanted to make an album that would allow me to accept our existence as it is and where I could talk about love and sharing our lives, rather than debating what I have abandoned.” – SCENTOK


~ SCENTOK in 2021 :

Today SCENTOK prefers to move forward in his life and his dreams without thinking too much.

“My dream is to be a warm person.” – SCENTOK

After dreaming of a musical career full of younger success, he now wishes to grow up, grow old, in a prosperous everyday life in which he can make the people around him happy and comfortable for the rest of his life.

2021 means renewal for many and SCENTOK would like to release a music video for the release of its latest album. He wants to continue producing music on Soundcloud (outside of the official streaming platforms) and when the pandemic ends, the artist wants to perform on stage.

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