SPILL THE BEAT : Revelation of a mixtape by ROSESIA

ROSESIA, artist presented on SPILL THE BEAT in 2020 releases her first mixtape this Tuesday, January 19, 2021, discover now “SLUMP“.

(KSTATION TV recommends that you listen to the artist’s songs for a music reading experience !)

On Friday, December 11 SPILL THE BEAT presented KIM Sia, or rather called ROSESIA, a Korean darkpop artist who has captivated her listeners.

Every Saturday, the artist posts a new song on her Soundcloud page. With a very melancholy voice and feelings, ROSESIA knows how to touch  people’s hearts by addressing subjects that are very personal to her such as confidence in itself, betrayal, love and anguish.

This mixtape “SLUMP” is my first mixtape, and it is about my thoughts such as self hatred, slump, self-esteem etc… Lately, I was in a slump and I tried to overcome through writing this mixtape and express my frustrated mind.” – ROSESIA

Her charm has been much repeated, and the passion has not left her. Today, the artist sees around her an international fanbase. With texts often in English, ROSESIA unveils today “SLUMP” its first mixtape which was a challenge for her.

on this mixtape, there are several korean written songs, and it’s also a kind of challenge to me too!” – ROSESIA

This mixtape is made of 8 songs, “하루의 끝” (End of the day), “LOSER“, “FAKE FRIENDS“, “HYPOCITE“, “괜찮을거야“(It’s gonna be okay), “PIPEDREAM“, “LIFE ON FIRE“, “BLUE“.

“I’ve been working on this for about 1month, and had many trials and errors – I threw away almost 30 songs cuz I was literally in a slump

So this mixtape means ‘Overcoming my slump through expressing various feelings’ to me.” – ROSESIA


You can follow and stream ROSESIA‘s songs on social networks:

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Journaliste: Waterice

Translator: Waterice

Source: Rosesia

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