JUNOFLO : He takes off with “NO PARACHUTE” (’cause he is a daredevil)

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JUNOFLO, the Korean-American rap reference presents today his track and music video “No parachute” in which you can feel the nostalgia and his eagerness to come back on stage.

The artist who attended to seasons 5 and 6 of Show Me The Money is currently in his studio in the US where he keeps producing contents for his fans since the start of the pandemic. Even tho the rapper couldn’t come to Korea since the Monster Festival on December 2019, the artist who usually goes and returns between both countries is really struggling waiting to go abroad again.

4 months ago, he dropped his album: “222:AM” still as an independent artist well-surrounded by his friends who are photographers, cinematographers, producers and mixers…he keeps producing every day.

This Friday 5th of February, JUNOFLO released his M/V and his track “No parachute” on his YouTube channel.

Le M/V is made of clips from his live performance in Bangkok, Thailand. JUNOFLO said several times that he was really looking forward to be back on stage all around the world.

His perseverance has no limit, and besides the pressure he felt from Show Me The Money, JUNOFLO have created by himself an international career and is not looking for other artists’ praise, but the simple satisfaction of his audience, which is to him the most precious thing.

Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: Junoflo SNS

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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