Wednesday, December 6, 2023

BIG NAUGHTY : The rapper unveils his “Naughty day” on IGTV

Do you like watching your favorite idol’s daily life & backstage ? Then BIG NAUGHTY from H1GHR MUSIC is coming for you ! After releasing his comeback featuring WONSTEIN on February 2nd on his track « 커피가게 아가씨 » (Girl at the coffee shop) which had a great effect in Korea since the COVID-19 rate is dropping and coffee shops open their door again, and 17 year old BIG NAUGHTY decided to open a vlog series on IGTV.

Highly expected by the fans, “Naughty Day” is the title that have been chosen for this Instagram IGTV series. He already spoiled some extracts, but he full video of the first episode will be uploaded soon. The rapper explained that he is looking forward to show off these videos:

“I always wondered about making vlogs because I like to watch these kind of videos and it’s a good way to keep some souvenirs.” -BIG NAUGHTY (on instagram story)

On his account and his images already present, we can see that the first episode will deal with his comeback and we can already imagine that artists of the label like PH-1, JAY PARK, or TRADE L will surely come to see him.

Follow BIG NAUGHTY on Instagram from now on: @bignaughtyboi 

Journalist: Waterice

Translator: Waterice

Source: Big Naughty SNS / H1GR MUSIC SNS

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