Wednesday, October 4, 2023

K-CON: A third season online

CJ ENM announced on February 16th that it will be hosting the Hallyu KCON:TACT season 3 online festival from 20th to 28th next month.

K-CON, which began in 2012 and has been held 24 times in the United States, France, Australia, Mexico and Japan, is a Hallyu convention event that drew 1.1 million people offline, cumulative. Last year, it was held twice online because of Covid19, with 60 K-pop artists and 8.45 million Hallyu fans from around the world.

This year, K-CON will take place in Korea via television, and overseas fans will be able to participate via YouTube and Mnet’s K-pop channels.

The performance will feature personalized content based on popular elements and region-specific features proven by K-CON.

Local influence workshops and fan meeting programs, which were popular content at K-CON in the United States and Japan, welcome fans in optimized time and language for each region of the world. For fans around the world who have actively participated in the content and who have been strong in sharing K-pop culture, CJENM will be offering programs they can participate in in real time.

A concert stage will also be set up with performances directed by Mnet to maximize offline for artists and fans.

From the opening scene to the special ending scene, the show is organized as a “world tour concept” and contains a story that will drive the entire concert. There are plans to implement the existing offline K-CON venue with technology to create the feeling of being on a world tour with K-pop artists.

The whole will also be composed of derivative animations which will be able to show various musicalities of the K-pop artists. Like “Meet & Greet”, which focuses on communication with fans, providing fans with more diverse forms of experience.

So be ready for this new K-CON.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: CJENM

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