KANG DANIEL: The MV of “Paranoia” is out

Finally, KANG DANIEL is back with a new MV!

On February 16th, the MV of “Paranoia“, KANG DANIEL‘s new single, is now available on YouTube.

Thanks to the trailer and the two video teasers, the fans were able to gradually discover elements of the artist’s new music release. Whether it was the instrumental, the vocal, the settings, or the choreography, we could only imagine what this single by KANG DANIEL was going to look like.

The MV is dark and almost nightmarish. The plays of light, the masked dancers, and the various scenes of the MV make us travel in the story transmitted by KANG DANIEL. Will you let yourself be enchanted by this melody and these words?

You can find the MV on KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT‘s Youtube channel.
If you liked the MV of Paranoia“, you can go show your support to KANG DANIEL on Twitter with the hashtag #paranoia.

Journalist: Louise
Translator: Louise
Source: Official Youtube KONNECT ENT.

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