Wednesday, October 4, 2023

SHINEE: ONEW personal teasers

ONEW sentimental and lost in thought.


Today February 16th at 6 pm, the group SHINEE publishes the personal teasers of ONEW.

The young man, in a romantic atmosphere, reminding us of the song “Singing in the rain“, appears wearing a white shirt covered with a blue and white woolen sweater with a few threads escaping, as if the outfit wasn’ was not over.

His gaze moving into the distance, he remains clinging to this broken ladder, as if it represented an object, a sentimental memory that he wanted to hold on to and not let escape.


In the second photo, ONEW is protecting itself from the falling rain, under an umbrella. The gaze directed downwards with behind him this broken ladder which prevents him from accessing the opening from which the light comes.

The group SHINEE has prepared the release of its 7th album “DON’T CALL ME” which is scheduled for February 22nd, for now the boys continue to take you through this new universe with the regular release of different content.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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