Monday, December 4, 2023

CHEONGMYEONG: Solo debut for the new artist

New ballad singer CHEONGMYEONG will make his official debut in the music industry.


Agency 220 Entertainment said singer CHEONGMYEONG will debut on February 19th with his first song “Let’s not break up“.

The cover photo posted with the first news of CHEONGMYEONG attracts attention as it shows the young man’s face with his smooth skin and pure complexion, looking at the camera with a dark gaze.

CHEONGMYEONG is gaining attention as the first male ballad singer presented by 220 Entertainment and a debut singer in the music industry five years after KNK‘s debut. In particular, he is known as a talented singer with a soft voice and excellent singing skills, raising high expectations.

220 Entertainment said, “CHEONGMYEONG will start with their debut single on February 19 and start making full strides as a solo artist. We are working hard to show their own musical colors, so please show them a lot of interest and of love.

Journaliste: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: 220 Entertainment

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