DSP MEDIA: Position statement

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Faced with the controversy that involves DSP Media and the group APRIL against the actress and former member of the group LEE HYUN JOO, DSP MEDIA publishes an official press release which comes after new publications.


DSP MEDIA statement:

Hello, we are DSP Media.

We’re sending you our official position on the Lee Hyun Joo controversy.

After several revelations from Lee Hyun Joo’s family and classmates during her school years, we met Lee Hyun Joo and her mother twice to fulfill our obligations to our artists.

Lee Hyun Joo insisted on her own damage and demanded a very one-sided declaration. Nonetheless, we wanted to continue the discussion together, but the person claiming to be Lee Hyun Joo’s younger brother / sister posted another revealing article early on March 3rd, which prevented us from continuing the conversation.

We tried to protect the two artists Lee Hyun Joo and April. However, after this period, we will initiate strong civil and criminal proceedings not only against Lee Hyun Joo, but also against anyone who claims to be Lee Hyun Joo’s family, acquaintances, and internet community posts.

Once again, we apologize to all the fans who love and support the artists at DSP Media.

Thank you.

DSP MEDIA therefore decided to take legal action to settle this case, after having attempted discussions with the authors of these declarations.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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