G-REYISH: A bewitching atmosphere

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Girl group G-REYISH has tugged at fans’ hearts by releasing its personal teasers of the music video ahead of its comeback on March 5th.

On March 2nd-3rd, Big Ocean ENM released teasers of the music video for members of G-REYISH, YENA and YESO on its official SNS.

The teaser of the released video clip contains the charm of YENA and YESO without restraint. YENA stares out the window into the space where red paper planes fly. Additionally, the fatal expression on her face in the choreography as she wraps around a member’s neck caught the attention of fans. YESO gives off a fascinating atmosphere as you stroke the aquarium amid a shower of red feathers.

The two members captivated the spectators by revealing some of the powerful choreography of the new song “Blood night“. with in addition, a melody with the atmosphere of the song which amplified the expectations for this one.

All of the G-REYISH members’ personal teasers for the music video, bringing you one step closer to the new song “Blood night” have been released,” said a Big Ocean ENM official. “Please wait. looking forward to the group’s music video teaser and debut mini album “M” which will show another charm.

G-REYISH is a four member girl group made up of SHINYOUNG, YENA, YESO and HYEJI, who are determined to show their own musical colors anytime, anywhere. G-REYISH will release its new mini album “M” on March 5th and perform the title track “Blood night“.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Big Ocean ENM

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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