IZ: After more than a year the new title arrives

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Band IZ released the photo teaser for its first digital single “겨우살이 SAY YES“.

IZ upped expectations for the song to the max by posting a photo teaser of its new song “겨우살이 SAY YES” on its official SNS at 12pm yesterday. In particular, the new song is written and composed by singer JIHOO himself, gaining more fan attention even before its release.

The published photo shows members of IZ walking in different directions around the centrally located standing microphone, causing a feeling of loneliness. On top of that, the black and white tone and fuzzy appearance of the members attracted attention, amplifying curiosity about the concept of the new song.

겨우살이 SAY YES” is a song designed by singer JIHOO to deliver a little message of comfort to anyone going through a difficult time, and the members even participated in the production, raising the level of perfection. The speaker of the song finds himself at a time when he seems to be lonely for a long time, leading to everyone’s sympathy. Based on rock sound, powerful vocals and captivating melody are added to give a deep echo.

The digital single “StorIZ: New Born” marks the start of the self-composed IZ project. IZ will be releasing a series of member self-composed songs during the first half of this year, starting with their new song “SAY YES“. The new song, will soothe the hearts of fans tired of waiting for a long time, as well as affected by the pandemic.

The band’s new song IZ겨우살이 SAY YES” will be released on various music sites tomorrow March 4th at 6pm, after a long hiatus.

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Source: Kmusic Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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