DEMIAN: His new title

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“Modern singer-songwriter” DEMIAN will release a new song featuring his own musical color.

DEMIAN will release the song and music video for his new single “A BLUE NOT BLUES” on various music sites at 6pm on March 3rd. “A BLUE NOT BLUES” has a total of two tracks, including the track “LOVE%” and “One more night”.

The title song “LOVE%” is a rhythmic pop and dance genre song that expresses the pain of a person in the colorful lights of the city and the interplay of human relationships, so that you can feel the unique musical sensitivity of DEMIAN .

In particular, in “LOVE%“, singer Dawn will feature in feturing. DEMIAN and Dawn, who have different charms, add a little more curiosity for their unique musical combination that they will present.

In addition, the track “One more night” is an acoustic ballad with the unique emotional voice of DEMIAN. Although the title contains some hot emerging emotions, the lyrics seem to speak of the end of a breakup with the aim of targeting the taste of music fans.

An official from Sony Music Entertainment Korea said, “The new single ‘A BLUE NOT BLUES‘ is a song that can clearly show the charm and deeper tone of DEMIAN than it has ever shown before.

DEMIAN is a talented singer-songwriter who emerges as a global rookie by releasing “Cassette”, “Karma” and “Yes”.

DEMIAN’s new single “A BLUE NOT BLUES” will be available on various music sites at 6pm on March 3rd.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Sony Music Entertainment Korea

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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