VERIVERY: A powerful new comeback

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The title song is “Get away“. “O.H.M.Y.G.O.D“.


On the afternoon of March 2nd, a media showcase was held to commemorate the release of VERIVERY’s second single album, “SERIES ‘O” [ROUND 1: HALL].” The showcase was held online to prevent the spread of the Covid.19. KSTATION TV was able to attend, you can reread our article:

VERIVERY : A wonderful comeback

VERIVERY’s new single, “SERIES ‘O” [ROUND 1: HALL]“, which was released at 6 pm yesterday, following on from last year’s “FACE it” series, showed a dark interior space symbolized by the “O”, raising the expectations of fans at home and abroad.

We really practiced and worked a lot,” VERIVERY said.

KANGMIN, the youngest member, who is in his late teens, said: “I have desires rather than a plan. I hope I can go to college because I couldn’t. go and talk to my friends easily. It’s sad that I can’t go to school properly and meet your friends even though it’s my last day as a teenager.

As for the title track “Get away“, KANGMIN said, “It’s a ‘crazy party’ to define the album in two words,” adding: “It’s a party that VERIVERY, which is invited by someone unknown, enjoy. But VERIVERY’s crazy party isn’t as sweet as it is.” “I hope you are looking forward to what kind of party it will be.” said YEONHO


When asked to express the title song in five letters, YONGSEUNG said, “It is an all-time masterpiece.” Adding “Our new look, our sexy and crazy party are concepts we’ve never done before, but I think they were expressed well.KANGMIN said, “오. 우. 마. 이. 갓 (Oh my god). Because people are surprised when they see the scene, then they can exclaim,” heightening the expectations for the performances.

Asked about his goal, YONG SEUNG said, “I still want to put my name on top of the bill this year. I also hope our album will rank well on the national charts.

As for MINCHAN, the member who could not join us for health reasons, he said: “I regret not being able to work with the group, but I am recovering well and I am resting as much as my fans do. encouraged and waited and, I promised to repay my fans.”

When asked how “FACE it” and “SERIES O” are connected and what points the audience needs to pay attention to, YEONHO tried to express the inner darkness that each person has and faces.

“We think darkness is different, so we want to show you how to use darkness through music.”

Regarding the accomplishments he wants to achieve through this activity, GYEHYEON said, “If this is an accomplishment that I want to do, I want to let a lot of people know that VERIVERY continues to have challenges and a unlimited growth. I also want to be in the Billboard Hot 100.

VERIVERY’s new song “Get away” is a song that combines great reggae pop titles and powerful vocals. The music video was released with the song at 6pm yesterday.

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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