SPILL THE BEAT : MANEKING is getting ready, and his EP too!

He is one of the first artists that SPILL THE BEAT have noticed on Soundcloud, and since his EP will be out very soon, it is time for our show to present you MANEKING !

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~ Softness & stylish :

Born on February 22, 1995 as MA Hyun-Song, the young adult is now getting known as MANEKING on Youtube and Soundcloud.

With a very cool-looking appearance on social media and in his songs as well, MANEKING is overall a person with high sensibility towards the world that we belong to.

“(My goal in life is to) live without worrying about money, in return for my parents and people around me who believed and waited for me through music.” – MANEKING

A will to be himself, and his stage name is a proof. By taking “MA” from his name and adding the work “king”, the artist assumes that for him, his family is royal and from his family he gets the rank of a king.

“When I had a hard time in my childhood, I found interest in music by listening to BAECHIGI, my friend was always listening to their songs” – MANEKING

On a musical side, some of his titles were uploaded some years ago, but after a break from music, MANEKING started posting again on a regular basis for a bit more than 2 months.

This break from music was probably very positive for him. From a KPOP style, he turned his music into hiphop tracks, a proof of refinement of his own musical tastes over the years.

MANEKING‘s style is getting more precise and profesionnal over time (like a good wine !)

“I love rapping as I like singing and I enjoy making music with guitar and piano sounds” – MANEKING

A stylish music, for an unpretentious artist. He shares a bit of his private life in his tracks, tracks with a rather depressive mood. MANEKING gives a bit more importance to his title “REALIZE” which tells the story is his first love, now married to someone.

~ A first EP in progress :

Planned for April or May this year, “EMOTION” will be the very first made by MANEKING. The album will be available on Soundcloud. For now 2 songs from his Soundcloud page are planned as “scheduled song for the album“. Two titles “PUPPY LOVE” and “ADULT” that allows us an overview on what “EMOTION” album will look like.

“I wanted to talk about feelings that people would have felt at least once in their life.” – MANEKING

Within 2 months, the EP will be uploaded and MANEKING does not hid his excitement towards this project. An album inspired by his daily life, people and cozy drinking nights.

He often features GANGSIGI. And of course, this artist will be a guest  in “EMOTION“‘s EP, aside with VAMPY too. MANEKING also features on others’ people tracks. This work both solo but also alongside his good friends like GANGSIGI will undoubtedly lead him to develop completely in his art which he constantly seeks to improve. This is his only criterion when asked what artist he would like to collaborate with:

“People who can be in my shoes” – MANEKING

A search for constant improvement and development that is perfectly felt in his words.

“I always want to improve” – MANEKING

~ What’s next for 2021 :

The world is increasingly turning into an era in where efforts are not fully rewarded, That’s why people like me tend to look down on their efforts and get frustrated.

But I hope everyone doesn’t give up and do what they want to do, hardly” – MANEKING

His EP “EMOTION” will be up within 2 months. But MANEKING does not work only on this EP project. He is also in the making of a single and would like to create music videos. So we should be patient, and looking forward to see his 2021 releases. This year just started but MANEKING is definitely back. These last 2 months, the young artist uploaded about 10 tracks, proof that his inspiration is here, so follow and support him !

“Finally, I support everyone who lives with passion, by their own,

I’ll give you my support with better music. I thank those who listen to my music.” – MANEKING

Of course, KSTATIONTV will keep you updated on MANEKING‘s releases, but we hope that you take few minutes for him and show your support on social medias !

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Translator: Waterice
Source: Maneking

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