Monday, December 4, 2023
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GREATGUYS : Their online concert cancelled

With the current sanitary conditions, many kpop groups organize online concerts to keep in touch with their fans. This is the case of the group GREATGUYS, which, since the beginning of the pandemic, have done several online concerts and fancall events (video calls with fans). Unfortunately, the concert, scheduled for April 10, was cancelled. We’ll tell you more about the cancellation conditions which are quite complicated.

GREATGUYS‘ company, DNA Entertainment, often offers fans (the Grace) the opportunity to stay in touch with the members, JAEI, HORYEONG, HANEUL, DONGHWI, DAUN, DONGIN, UIYEON, HWALCHAN and BAEKGYEOL, through online concerts or video calls with them to be even closer to them. A concert was held on April 10, unfortunately it was cancelled due to a bad agreement with the agency that organized the concert. Indeed, the CEO of DNA Entertainment explained in the press release below:

«Hello, this is Jaesung Lee, CEO of DNA Entertainment. The GREATGUYS Online Concert scheduled for April 10th in the U.S have been canceled. Thank you for looking forward and supporting our concert. I sincerely apologize to all the Grace. In addition, we are sorry for all the inconvenience and for disappointing  the Grace who purchased a ticket. Because we think the fans have the right to know the cause of cancellation, we will be honest and tellall of you. First of all, STUDIO PAV gave us an unilateral notice on the venue. Second, the opinions of the artist and the agency have not been taken into consideration. We have been told that the terms of STUDIO PAV must be followed unconditionnaly. For us, a concert is a collaboration, and this must be coordinated betweet the performance organizer and the artist. In addition, we believe they should provide a stage that fans are satisfied with. However, if we have to follow the unilateral terms of the host unconditionally,what should the artist do? And if they were a popular group, would this have happened? Please understand that we canceled the concert due to these problems. We would like to express our sincere apologies to all the Grace who love GREATGUYS. DNA Entertainment will continue to respect the artist’s opinions, and we will try to become an agency that can deliver joy and happiness to our fans. Thank you very much.»

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the agency has encountered problems with concert organizers. There were already some difficulties with the tour organizers in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. There was also some disagreement with the organizer of the European tour, which had been cancelled because of the pandemic.

Whether it’s the agency or the band, everyone tries to do their best to delight the fans and allow them to spend quality time with their idols.

While waiting for their next comeback “Touch by Touch” in April, remember that HORYEONG, UIYEON and BAEKGYEOL continue other activities by shooting in films that have not yet been released and that DONGHWI is still in military service. We hope that the band will soon be able to organize a concert or activity for the fans without any worries. In the meantime, you can wait by discovering covers of other songs that members do regularly and post on social networks as well as their latest comeback “Run” which features a colorful music video, elaborate choreography and music that lives up to their talent.

                                                                                                                                            Journalist : Nana
Source : Twitter GreatGuys

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