NTX: A sweet ballad to start

Ten-member boy group NTX has announced the appearance of super rookies in K-POP.

At 6 pm on March 26th, the ballad version of the music video for “Kiss the world” was released on NTX‘s official SNS and 1TheK’s official YouTube channel.

In the clip, member CHO EUNHO appears to announce the birth of new “actor idols” with dark eyes and startling facial expressions, and also shows delicate gestures and movements that take you even deeper into her story.

In particular, the members of NTX have high quality vocals with this ballad version of “Kiss the world”, which combines the stage performance of CHO EUNHO, and with a calm piano melody.

Also, phrases such as “‘19의 빛“, “기다림 의 끝에 있는 너 에게 갈게 (I will come to you at the end of the wait)” and “넌 가루 처럼 흩어 지지 마 (You don’t disperse like powder) “are used to raise questions about their performance after their debut.

NTX, which will herald the debut of a new K-pop scene with various content to be released sequentially, will officially debut “Kiss the world” on March 30th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: 1TheK

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