MANEKING has talked about him during his interview on SPILL THE BEAT, GANGSIGI, a friend, a feat, but over all, an artist. Let’s discover his talents!

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~ Many years into music:

The journey of Jo GyeongSik, also named as GANGSIGI, starts very early. In 2010, the young boy who was just 15 by this time (born in 1995) catches interest for bass instrument. A music instrument which fits pretty well on his music style. Giving rhythms and according his lyrics and rap on different types of productions.

Later, in 2013, one of his friend asked him to rap, just for fun, like a hobby. But th ehobby went a bit further than expected…

“At first, I liked the strong trap beat or the music where I could express myself strongly. But as time went by, I realized that I wasn’t that strong and I found myself infinitely weak and in need of help I think that’s why the music style became softer” – GANGSIGI

When comes the question about his influences and dream collaborations, the name of SWAE LEE is often mentioned. He is an American artist that you might know from his collaboration with POST MALONE for its soundtrack from “SPIDER-MAN: Into the Spider-Verse“.

The music style of GANGSIGI is sober, easy to listen to, in a calm atmosphere. His tracks often talk about love, emotions and the artist unveils his troubles, happiness and sadness.

“A guy named VAMPY told me that when you’re tired, you always get through everything. That’s why I live thinking that no matter how hard it is, everything will be fine” – GANGSIGI

A philosophy translated in his title “다 지나가” a track that GANGSIGI enjoys in particular. But after all, the artist recommends us to listen to all of his songs, all available on Soundcloud.

GANGSIGI‘s goal is quite simple but efficient:

“Making music as much as I can” – GANGSIGI

~ A promising end of 2020:

“So hard time.” – GANGSIGI

Here is how GANGSIGI describes “쭉 쭉 쭉” his very first mixtape, uploaded on 2020 December 31st. Made of 10 tracks, you can discover a lot of tracks made with featuring such as VAMPY, EUB, or CHAMELEGO. 

GANGSIGI – 쭉 쭉 쭉 Mixtape Album Cover

The mixtape has been released on Soundcloud but also on his Youtube channel. But most of work is on Soundcloud, so don’t forget to follow his SNS.

Currently with a total of 28 tracks on Soundcloud and a rhythm of more or less 4 tracks per months, today’s artist seems like he never sleeps. But he announced something about his future releases:

“I don’t want to plan, but I want to get a little less stress and relax” – GANGSIGI.

~ So what’s next ?:

Music videos. Here is nowadays GANGSIGI’s will. Making into a frame what he wants to tell to his audience. If GANGSIGI starts making visuals for his songs, we can easily imagine that frames mights be noire, based on dark atmosphere, mesmerizing.

GANGSIGI ends his interview by saying :

“I don’t know how long I’ll be playing music

but I want to work hard without getting tired of it

I feel like emotions are all the same anyway

I hope to convey even the smallest feelings between people” – GANGSIGI

To follow GANGSIGI’s future adventures, follow him on social medias !

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Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: Gangsigi

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