GREATGUYS: The reliable boy knows how to put himself forward

Intensity in colors and power in the face, GREATGUYS unveil a first teaser.

As announced in its comeback schedule, group GREATGUYS unveils today, April 3rd, the first photo teaser for its comeback.

The first member to expose himself to the eyes of the Graces, the fans of the group GREATGUYS, is HO RYEONG.

In the unveiled photo HO RYEONG appears in a retro-disco vibe, with her hairstyle put back giving a wet effect, his black t-shirt and his intense red spotted jacket. HO RYEONG has his gaze drawn to something in the distance, his face with angular features, his slightly tight jaw exudes a lot of masculinity and power for the member of GREATGUYS said to be reliable.

Group GREATGUYS who will return with a special album and the title “Touch by touch” wishes to bring a message of hope to all people around the world who want a return to everyday life, as it was before the health crisis .

The comeback of the group GREATGUYS will be with 7 members, due to the military service of DONG HWI and the break for health reasons of JAE I.

GREATGUYS will be back with their special album “AGAIN” and the title “Touch by touch” on April 18th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: DNA Entertainment

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