GHOST9: A domination of the Inkigayo

During Inkigayo, the group GHOST9 presented a charismatic performance with “Seoul“.

GHOST9 appeared on SBS’s music show “Ingigayo”, which aired on the afternoon of April 4th, and performed the title track “Seoul” from its third mini album “NOW: Where we are, here“.

That day, GHOST9 satisfied the eyes and ears of K-pop fans with its performance and eye-catching visuals, as well as vocals containing each member’s individuality.

They completed the scene with relentless pleasure and overwhelming emotion through the performance full of splendor.

GHOST9, in particular, has been impressive with their solid skills that are nothing like rookies. The band showed a stable live performance with intense choreography and performance, showing their hold on the stage and imprinted their presence as a new artist.

The title of GHOST9‘s third mini album, “Seoul“, is an EDM-based pop dance track that speaks of “Seoul we will meet” to them. The voices of the members of GHOST9, which intersect intensity and sweetness in a trendy rhythm, captivate listeners’ ears as if they portray the brilliance and speed of Seoul.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SBS

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