SUNWOO : THE BOYZ rapper and composer celebrates his birthday

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On April 12, KIM SUNWOO from THE BOYZ celebrates his 21st birthday.


SUNWOO is known to be a lyricist, singer, dancer and rapper from boy group THE BOYZ. He is known by his fans to drink a lot of fruit juices every day and even taking them in his suitcase when going on a trip. He is the member with the most fears but he recently had many occasions to overcome his fears. He is also good at playing soccer and he loves imitating his co-members and is the best at it. SUNWOO and ERIC, who are the youngest of the group work both on writting lyrics and rap parts from the group’ songs.


In 2017, SUNWOO alongside his co-members, participated in a reality show entitled “Flower Snack” just before debuting in order to gain popularity and reveal each of the members. THE BOYZ debuted on December 6, 2017 with title-song “Boy”. After that, the group made many comebacks without rest and showed a bright, cute and cool side with synchronized dances. It was during title-song “No Air”‘s promotions that the group and the other members gained more confidence during their filming and on stage. The group changed its style to become more mature with more intense choreographies and it attracted people’s attention. This title-song was really popular and the group gained many fans who worked hard to bring THE BOYZ‘s first win in a music show during the next comeback with “Bloom Bloom”.

2020 was really THE BOYZ‘s year. Indeed, the eleven members all worked hard to become even better and show to many people their unique teamwork and perfect performances. First, thanks to a first album and title-song “REVEAL”, the group tried a new concept which was mystical and seductive. SUNWOO showed new sides of himself as a fierce performer on stage with a strong gaze during shootings. However, he kept on being the same cute and smiling young man on a daily basis, especially when he is able to speak with his fans.

Since THE BOYZ eleven members started to show new concepts, their agency started a new project entitled “GENERATION Z”. In May 2020, several short individual videos were released to introduce each of the members. They were all able to talk freely about themselves and answer question in order to be better known as humans and as normal young men. In the video under, you can discover different sides of SUNWOO revealing aspects of himself and his hopes for his career while showing a focused yet kind gaze.

Between March and June 2020, SANGYEON participated with his co-members in the reality show “Road to Kingdom” in which seven boy groups had to prepare performances in order to show the best stages and be the winner. THE BOYZ showed the best performances during most of the episodes thanks to a perfect teamwork and was also compared to a professional dance team. On June 12, THE BOYZ released a new song “CHECKMATE” to perform during the show’s last episode. Once again, the members were able to deliver an impressive performance that shocked many people. They won the show with an impressive score and also won a spot for the next reality show entitled “Kingdom”. During “Road to Kingdom”, SUNWOO showed his skills as a singer, dancer and rapper while being brave on many episodes. Indeed, he is the one that almost always had to fly or do acrobatics despite having the most fears among the eleven members. Moreover, he became a hot topic after THE BOYZ performance “Danger” that you can watch under, in which he walked in the air on human stairs created by the members themselves.

Soon after the end of the show, their agency revealed new individual videos to showcase each of the members’ talents. SUNWOO chose to prepare a song cover which is colorful and funny and it already has more than 1.8 million views on YouTube. One more way to see the young rapper’s popularity.

In september 2020, THE BOYZ made a comeback which was as impressive as “Road to Kingdom” performances. It was a huge success since the group won many victories at music shows and also participated in the end of the year award shows. The groups prepared several performances which were mesmerizing, but the most incredible one was for the 2020 MAMA. Indeed, the eleven members did a performance on the theme of the kings dressed as Greek gods and showed a perfect choreography with props that reminded of “Road to Kingdom”. It was like an even better version of the show with a great musical mix and acrobatics made most of the time by HYUNJAE and SUNWOO. For example, they had to use firee and climb on props and fall backwards on the dancers’ arms. These aspects made this performance a legendary one and a real show on itself. The aim of that stage was to prove that the group was ready to fight and show what the members can do for the upcoming show “Kingdom”.

Let’s wish a happy birthday to THE BOYZ‘ main rapper, who will probably once again be the one doing many acrobatics and scary things for the show “Kingdom”.

Journalist : Solène
Translator : Solène

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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