JAMES AN: He unveils his “EDUCATION”‘s track-list

JAMES AN had mentioned in a previous interview for SPILL THE BEAT being working on a collaborative project. A hiphop mixtape on which each track would be featured with a different artist. An independent and creative artist with an exemplary life-philosophy, here is a first overview of the “EDUCATION” project, a very promising mixtape.

On Wednesday, April 14th, the mixtape made of 8 tracks will be released with all its featuring on the rapper-songwriter’s YouTube channel !

JAMES AN posted 2 days ago on his social medias, the list of titles that will compose the project, and every day, he posts on his Instagram account a description of each featuring-artist, a way for him to thank those with whom he collaborated and make his audience a little bit more impatient to discover the project. Until now, 5 artists have been unveiled. Beside JAMES AN, you will be able to find the voice of: YNL, also known as “NESS”, contestant of “Show Me The Money 6″, who had JAY PARK featuring his single “ADVIL“. Then BRIEL, member of ₩EAT$EASON and FPL crew. He has collaborated with artists such as DBO (a very important name for the independent Korean hiphop scene), also OWEN (from the label MKIT RAIN) or even the rapper-songwriter  YONGE JAUNDICE.

Then there is MECHILLING, member of SOKO GANG, who just uploaded 2 days ago know music video with LOZIK on the track “OUTSTANDING“. hen you can enjoy the discovery of BIG $LAM an artist with a very intestins vibe, influenced by trap and deep hiphop sounds. Until today, 5 artists have been introduced, the 5th one but not least is ABSINT, the artist that features LEE HYORI‘s songs “UNKNOWN TRACK“. And for his track “MALTWO” you can find KILLAGRAMZ besides him (KILLAGRAMZ is also a contestant of the TV show Show Me The Money on seasons 5 (2016) and 9 (2020)). ABSINT is also a member of the group FEET DEEP CREW.


We are now impatient to discover the following artists of the project as well as the titles that make up “EDUCATION“!

We highly recommend you to follow JAMES AN on his social medias so you don’t miss anything. Also, if you wanna know more about him, you can read our SPILL THE BEAT article on KSTATION TV.

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