SEVENTEEN: HOSHI, the king of sexy with his solo “Spider”

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SEVENTEEN’s “tiger” HOSHI becomes a sexy spider in his first single, “Spider”.

On April 2nd, HOSHI, leader of the performance unit and dancer of the group SEVENTEEN released his first digital single with a music video: “Spider“.

The song’s sexy style is reminiscent of his Ideal Cut concert solo song, “Touch.” We find the same sensual and extravagant universe, especially in the lyrics which speak of seduction using the metaphor of the spider’s web. HOSHI once again shows off his dancing skills and physical strength by hanging himself upside down on a spider-like upright. The song also highlights his unique voice.

HOSHI went really strong with his song and had the opportunity to present it during a performance at M!Countdown on April 8th. Many people, even outside the fandom, appreciated his talent.

Studio Choom, also allowed him to promote his song with a special performance on April 6th.

This debut solo showed the full potential of HOSHI to audiences eager to see more performance of this style. This single also seems to bode well for the members of SEVENTEEN in this year 2021, as THE8 recently announced his solo comeback and DINO seems to be preparing something on his own.

Journalist: Emmaa1904
Translator: Shawn
Source: Pledis, Mnet, Studio Choom

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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