AB6IX: The end of photo teasers

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Group AB6IX released the latest set of concept photos for the new album and gave another charm to the previously released photos.


Brandnew Music, the group’s agency, caught the attention of fans by posting the latest photo teasers for AB6IX’s fourth mini album “MO ‘COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM” on AB6IX’s official SNS on April 15th.

In the posted group photo, the members are brushing their teeth in their pajamas, creating a cool, morning atmosphere.

In the following individual photos, the members focused their fans’ attention in a similar atmosphere. First of all, JEON WOONG attracted attention with a gentle smile. KIM DONG HYUN exudes brilliant energy with eye-catching visual, PARK WOOJIN showed off his rebellious charm while hugging the pillow and finally, surrounding himself with a blanket, LEE DAE HWI created a charming atmosphere with cute expression.

With that, AB6IX has finished posting its photo teasers, which debuted on April 12th. AB6IX will then release the remaining promotional content ahead of its return, such as the music video teaser and the choreography spoiler, adding, on a regular basis, curiosity for this new album.

AB6IX’s fourth mini album “MO ‘COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM” will be released on various music and music sites at 6pm on April 26th.

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Source: Brandnew music

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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