UNIVERSE: 3 new artists on the app

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Groups OH MY GIRL, WEI and CRAVITY will begin a full-fledged communication with fans around the world via the K-POP UNIVERSE entertainment platform.

On the 15th, NCsoft Co., Ltd. and Klap Co., Ltd. officially launched “Planet” by new artists from UNIVERSE, OH MY GIRL, WEi and CRAVITY today. We will post various content through the official app later.

“Planet” is a space for every UNIVERSE artist, and K-pop fans, who can enjoy various content in which the artists participate directly, such as FNS (Fan Network Service), Private Message and Universe Originals, which are featured place on Planet.

The three newly arrived artists will also communicate with fans around the world and offer joy through various content like the 11 artists already in existence. They will also participate in various online and offline events such as concerts, fan meetings, and fan signing events.

Previously, UNIVERSE posted home videos of these three new artists, OH MY GIRL, WEI and CRAVITY, on its official SNS. In addition, various support events have been launched to commemorate the membership. When fans join forces to complete a mission, artist incentive events will take place through commercials on the subway or the help of a coffee truck.

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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