B.I.G: First survival for JINSEOK

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JINSEOK, maknae of the group B.I.G, participates for the first time in a survival TV show: “Voice King“.

GH Entertainment, the company in charge of the group B.I.G, announced via its social networks the participation of JINSEOK in the show “Voice King“. “Voice King” is a new Korean show produced by MBN channel, which airing began on April 13, 2021. “Voice King” is the follow-up of the popular show “Voice Queen“, whose synopsis was to have former celebrities, housewives back on stage and get them to sing Korean folk songs, called “trot.”

With “Voice King“, the original storyline of the show is broadened: the 86 participants come from different horizons. They include idols such as JINSEOK from B.I.G. or SUNYOUL and HWANHEE from UP10TION, but also rock, opera, hip-hop singers etc. The show will evaluate the contestants on their singing skills but also on their dancing and staging skills. The winner of “Voice King” will receive 100 million won (~80,000$), as well as the publication of his song on various Korean streaming sites. Building on the success of the first two female seasons of “Voice Queen“, the first episode of the male version “Voice King” gathered more than 5% of viewers this Tuesday.

Advertising image of Voice King with its MC: Kang Ho Dong

This is JINSEOK‘s very first survival as well as his very first appearance in a Korean TV show. Other members of B.I.G. had already participated in several survivals such as GUNMIN and HEEDO in The Unit and G-EGG, and BENJI in Super Band. We wish JINSEOK good luck!


Journalist: Julie,
Translator: Julie,
Source: GH entertainment, Naver

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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