B.I.G: GUNMIN & HEEDO in the new TV show “G-EGG”.

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GUNMIN and HEEDO of B.I.G will participate to the broadcast “G-EGG””.

Gunmin X Heedo

On Tuesday the 5th of November, B.I.G’s company, GH entertainment released a statement confirming the participation of Gunmin and Heedo to the new TV broadcast “G-EGG”.

The same day, G-EGG (pronounce “GG”) uploaded on its SNS a teaser video of the broadcast:

Teaser of G-EGG

G-EGG is a new Japanese survival show that aims to debut a boys group in 2020 with both Korean and Japanese members. 

Participants, also called “G-EGG students”, will be revealed in the upcoming days on G-EGG’s official SNS as well as the 23rd of November through the first episode of the show. They have been pre-selected by Jeong YunHak of SUPERNOVA. The broadcast will consist of performances evaluated by viewers and a jury

The duet GUNMIN X HEEDO already gained recognition last year in the survival show “THE UNIT”, and with the release just after the programme ended, of their single “Don’t Worry” composed by VIXX’s Ravi.

Gunmin X Heedo – Don’t Worry MV

As B.I.G is already doing some promotions in Japan, this opportunity will help them to truly cement their popularity.

You can follow G-EGG’s activities through:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gegg_yna
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Gegg_yna/

Journalist: Julie
Translator: Julie
Source: B.I.G Fancafé / G-EGG site

Source: B.I.G Fancafé / G-EGG site

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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