Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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SF9: Welcome to their World

SF9 is taking us into their world that is both dark and sexy during their second performance in KINGDOM.

During this second performance, we can see SF9’s eight members: YOUNGBIN, INSEONG, JAEYOON, DAWON, ZUHO, HWIYOUNG, TAEYANG and CHANI. ROWOON is missing in this performance due to his injury. In their “Jealous” performance we can notice SF9’s darker and sexier side and talent, combined with high elegance, we can appreciate a beautiful synchronization and harmonization of the members, and a bewitching setting and dancers as well. The boys give off Princes of Darkness vibes and find themselves surrounded by an army of dancers. The boys make a true unit with the dancers and especially with the female dancers, which brings more depth and sensuality and beauty to the performance. We can see some duos with YOUNGBIN, INSEONG and ZUHO who carry the female dancers. CHANI makes a sensual duo with his female dancer as well, highlighted by a game of mirrors and light.

In addition, we can see some duality between themselves and the other members that is shown through the game of mirror, where TAEYANG and JAEYOON plays with the huge mirror in the setting. This is also the case in the beginning when TAEYANG slapped HWIYOUNG (only during the choreography of course), then with DAWON and ZUHO in their fighting-dance in which we can notice some assault and battery highlighted by the makeup on their skin.

Then we can also notice the perfume bottle which is an allusion to their last comeback, as their second to last MV “Summer breeze 여름 향기가 날 춤추게 해”. That reference is made through the song and with some members, for exemple when YOUNGBIN dances along the sound track and when HWIYOUNG pours down the small bottle he’s holding at the end of the performance. One may think this is the reason why they’re tearing themselves apart since the perfume bottle is empty. Then we can see HWIYOUNG joining the other members on the throne and the mirror in the background. Is it also an allusion to the witch in Snow White? That is a beautiful ending highlighting the boys’ Prince vibes sitting on the throne under a red feather pouring rain and smoke.

This is a splendid performance that thrilled the FANTASY (SF9’s fans), and non-fans as well according to the comments. Unfortunately, despite this second performance and the previous one, SF9 finished last. All the members were disappointed and moved by the results, but the SF9 has not said their final word, since for the upcoming episodes there will be collaboration between teams, which is very promising! Besides, ROWOON will be joining SF9, to the great delight of his fans.

SF9 is under FNC Entertainment, and debuted on October 5th 2016 after winning with their song “Fanfare” on the Survival “D.O.B Dance or Band”. The boys won their first victory with “Good Guy” which is the song they sung for their first performance on the show.

Journalist: Charlène
Translator: Charlène
Source: Mnet & FNC Entertainment.

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